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DECO Vintage Pinart deco flower pin, Lily of the Valley Broochart deco flower pin, Mid CENTURY MODernart deco flower pin, 1940's 1950's Silver Chrome & Cold Painted ENAMEL Brooch



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Fun to wear brooc incogneeto vintageh is a floral design using c incogneeto vintageold (hand) painted enamel in peac incogneeto vintageh and mint green. The style is so Dec incogneeto vintageo bordering on mid c incogneeto vintageentury modern. The metal is a white metal with a c incogneeto vintagehrome finish, thus looking like shining sterling silver. The enamel is showing only a tiny bit of wear (please zoom in on pic incogneeto vintages). The pin measures 2 1/4" by 2 3/4". It has a good safety c incogneeto vintageatc incogneeto vintageh. It is unmarked. Great mid c incogneeto vintageentury MODern design!Like this item and looking for more like it? Searc incogneeto vintageh our pages and pages of great vintage here on Inc incogneeto vintageogneeto vintage!

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