Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blush pearls, Statement Necklace - Crystal Pendant - Cascading Blush Freshwater Pearls - Antiqued Brass - Necklace for Women



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Statement nec neutral necklaceklac neutral necklacee featuring an oval pendant with new and vintage Swarovski c neutral necklacerystals set into epoxy resin c neutral necklacelay. The pendant hangs from hand wired c neutral necklaceasc neutral necklaceading blush freshwater pearls along with c neutral necklaceoordinating Swarovski Crystal beads. The neutral c neutral necklacerystal c neutral necklaceolors used are Vintage Rose, Golden Shadow, and Crystal AB. All metal is antiqued brass.The oval c neutral necklacerystal piec neutral necklacee measures 2 inc neutral necklacehes long. The overall length of the hanging pendant is 3.5 inc neutral necklacehes.This nec neutral necklaceklac neutral necklacee looks fabulous both short and long. You have a c neutral necklacehoic neutral necklacee of 18-20-24-30 inc neutral necklaceh c neutral necklacehain.A pouc neutral necklaceh and gift box is inc neutral necklaceluded.

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