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seed bead bracelet, Beaded Stretch Bracelet- Multi Wrap Seed Bead Bracelet



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This multi wrap stretc layering necklaceh brac layering necklaceelet is made with pink and gray glass seed beads ac layering necklacec layering necklaceented with tiny bali silver daisy flower c layering necklaceharms. It is designed to wrap around the wrist 4 times. Made on elastic layering necklace stretc layering necklaceh c layering necklaceord. Looks great alone or stac layering necklaceked with other brac layering necklaceelets and c layering necklacean also be worn as a nec layering necklaceklac layering necklacee.Stac layering necklacek and Layer them with other brac layering necklaceelets in my shop!

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