Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling ear wires, Genuine Sea Glass Necklace - Beach Glass Necklace - 18 inch Chain - Coastal Gift - Necklace for Women - Light Blue Glass Opal



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Genuine sea glass nec blue sea glassklac blue sea glasse . Frosted white sea glass with antiqued silver plated finding, light blue glass opal, and Swarovski c blue sea glassrystal ac blue sea glassc blue sea glassents. This beac blue sea glassh glass nec blue sea glassklac blue sea glasse has an 18 inc blue sea glassh silver plated c blue sea glasshain. The pendant measures approx 1 1/4 inc blue sea glasshes long.A great c blue sea glassoastal gift for a sea glass c blue sea glassollec blue sea glasstor. A gift box is inc blue sea glassluded.

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