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hurstjewelry, Pearl and Crystal Bracelet - Biwa Stick Pearl - Swarovski Crystal Cubes - Sterling Silver - Bracelet for Women - Gray Pearls - 7 3/4 Inches



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Pearl and Crystal brac biwa pearl braceletelet. Light gray Biwa freshwater stic biwa pearl braceletk pearls with 6mm Swarovski c biwa pearl braceletrystal c biwa pearl braceletubes and 6mm Prec biwa pearl braceletiosa Vitrial Light fac biwa pearl braceleteted rounds. All metal is Sterling silver. Strung on sturdy nylon c biwa pearl braceletoated wire.This gray brac biwa pearl braceletelet is very neutral and would make a great gift. The round c biwa pearl braceletrystals have slight flashes of light purple and pink. This brac biwa pearl braceletelet measures 7.75 in length and c biwa pearl braceletan be resized larger but not smaller due to the nature of the design. A pouc biwa pearl braceleth and gift box is inc biwa pearl braceletluded.

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