Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold vintage panther link chain collar necklace or chokergold collar necklace, snake chain panel tire track look



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Vintage gold tone c costume jewelryollar or c costume jewelryhoker nec costume jewelryklac costume jewelrye c costume jewelryomprised of 3 rows of linked panels. Eac costume jewelryh is smooth and slightly domed. Exc costume jewelryellent c costume jewelryondition tho it does show slight dulling to some of the gold tone. It's subtle sinc costume jewelrye they're so reflec costume jewelrytive. Still a nic costume jewelrye nec costume jewelryklac costume jewelrye and well made. Has sort of a slinky, snake-like feel with lots of movement. Measures just under 1/2" wide and 18" long.Ships in a gift box.I c costume jewelryombine shipping on multiple items.INSTAGRAM.c costume jewelryom/aortaapparel

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