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necklace for women, Sea Glass Pendant Necklace - Light Green Sea Glass - Sterling Silver - Beach Glass Jewelry Gift - Swarovski Crystal Pave - Sea Glass Gift



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Sea glass pendant nec crystal paveklac crystal pavee. Gorgeous piec crystal pavee of light green sea glass set in epoxy resin c crystal pavelay and ac crystal pavec crystal paveented with sparkling Swarovski c crystal paverystals. The base of the pendant is a sterling silver bezel. The pendant has an overall length of 1 inc crystal paveh and a width of 1/2 inc crystal paveh. The c crystal pavehain is a sterling silver box c crystal pavehain. You have a c crystal pavehoic crystal pavee of either 16 or 18 inc crystal pavehes. A great beac crystal paveh glass jewelry gift for a sea glass c crystal paveollec crystal pavetor. A gift box is inc crystal paveluded. Many other c crystal paveoastal jewelry items in our shop!

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