Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

7 inch bracelet, Skull Bracelet - Stretchy Bracelet - Halloween Bracelet - Crystal Accents - Day of the Dead Jewelry - Halloween Jewelry for Women - Fun



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Skull brac colorful jewelryelet with c colorful jewelryolorful magnesite skulls in the c colorful jewelryolors of green, pink and aqua . Sparkling Crystal AB rondels ac colorful jewelryc colorful jewelryent. 8mm off white magnesite beads. This stretc colorful jewelryhy brac colorful jewelryelet is available in 3 sizes. 7 - 7.5 - 8 Inc colorful jewelryhes. Smaller size is available, just ask!Other Halloween jewelry and day of the dead items available in our shop.A gift box is inc colorful jewelryluded.

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