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REDUCED SALE Glass Earrings Orangejewelry, Lime or Red Spirals on Sterling Silver Hoopsjewelry, Lampworked Glassjewelry, Glass Earringsjewelry, Willow Glass



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Fabulous glass earrings featuring orange, lime green or red spirals measuring 20mm on sterling silver earwires measuring approx. 25mm (1 inc trade beadsh). There are 2 yellow with blac trade beadsk striped trade beads ac trade beadsc trade beadsompanying the orange or red disc trade beadss whic trade beadsh you c trade beadsan take off to wear the disc trade beadss alone or add your own beads.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of independent artisans.REDUCED SALE Glass Earrings Orange, Lime or Red Spirals on Sterling Silver Hoops, Lampworked Glass, Glass Earrings, Willow Glass

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