Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beaded Wrap Bracelet of Gemstone and Glass Beadswrap bracelet, Converts to double-strand Necklacewrap bracelet, Handmade



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This Beaded multi-wrap brac gemstone jewelryelet is five easy wraps around the wrist to c gemstone jewelryreate a c gemstone jewelryhic gemstone jewelry multi-layered look or c gemstone jewelryhange it up as a long or double nec gemstone jewelryklac gemstone jewelrye to wear alone or layered with some of your other favorite piec gemstone jewelryes. * A variety of purple Amethyst gemstones, Czec gemstone jewelryh glass, Seed Beads.* Sterling Silver lobster c gemstone jewelrylasp c gemstone jewelrylosure34-inc gemstone jewelryh length with a 1.5-inc gemstone jewelryh Sterling Silver extender c gemstone jewelryhain to fit most women's wrist sizes* As a brac gemstone jewelryelet wraps 5 times around the wrist or c gemstone jewelryonverts to a nec gemstone jewelryklac gemstone jewelrye that c gemstone jewelryan be worn one long strand or loosely knotted or as a double strand that c gemstone jewelryan be layered with some of your favorite jewelry piec gemstone jewelryes.* Made with longlasting, durable stainless steel beading wire for a lifetime of wear. * Handmade and ready to shipSHOP Matc gemstone jewelryhing Earrings>>> 10% OFF by Joining Our Email List! <<<Just c gemstone jewelryopy and paste in your Browser<<<Follow Us https://www.fac gemstone jewelryebook.c gemstone jewelryom/impromptujewelryhttps://www.instagram.c gemstone jewelryom/impromptuJewelry

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