Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beachy jewelry, Shell Necklace - Crystal Pave Necklace - Sterling Silver - Long Statement Necklace - Swarovski Crystal Embellished Shell - Coastal Gift



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Long statement nec crystal paveklac crystal pavee. Shell nec crystal paveklac crystal pavee with natural shell that I\u2019ve applied an epoxy resin c crystal pavelay. Various c crystal paveopy Swarovski c crystal paverystals are set into the c crystal pavelay for a pave effec crystal pavet. There are c crystal paverystals around the entire shell, with more on one side. The design c crystal paveonforms with the opening on the shell. The shell c crystal paveolors are a very different on eac crystal paveh side as indic crystal paveated in the photos. The c crystal pavehain is a 30 inc crystal paveh Sterling silver box c crystal pavehain. A wonderful c crystal paveoastal gift. A pouc crystal paveh and gift box is inc crystal paveluded.

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