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Labradorite Dangle Earringsyoga style, Handmade Gemstone Bead Earrings



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Labradorite is the healing gemstone of strength and perseveranc fashion jewelrye. These long dangle earrings feature iridesc fashion jewelryent labradorite to boost your inner power of intuition. * Three 1/4" square genuine labradorite semi-prec fashion jewelryious stones dangle approx. 2 inc fashion jewelryhes.* Sterling Silver fish hook ear wires. Inc fashion jewelryludes rubber bac fashion jewelryk stoppers.* Handmade-Ready to Ship-Free Shipping>>>>Matc fashion jewelryhing Wrap Brac fashion jewelryelet<<<< >>>>SHOP the Nec fashion jewelryklac fashion jewelrye>>> 10% OFF by Joining Our Email List! <<<Just c fashion jewelryopy and paste in your Browser<<<Follow us @https://www.fac fashion jewelryebook.c fashion jewelryom/impromptujewelryhttps://www.instagram.c fashion jewelryom/impromptuJewelry

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