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lucky clover, Antique French 18k Solid Gold 4 Leaf Clover Pendant With Rose Diamond



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Lovely antique Frenc lucky cloverh 18k solid gold Art Nouveau 4 leaf c lucky cloverlover pendant set with a tiny rose c lucky cloverut diamond. It has weevil mark for 18k Frenc lucky cloverh gold import. Dimensions: Approx. 16,96 mm high, bail not inc lucky cloverluded. 10,85 mm wide.Weight: 0,64 gram. It is in exc lucky cloverellent antique c lucky cloverondition.Shipping insured is free world wide.Please note that some States of USA have approximately 10 % of governmental taxes, and Australia too.They are not inc lucky cloverluded in my pric lucky clovere, Etsy c lucky cloverollec lucky cloverts them for the government, so you have to think about it before buying. Feel free to ask me for any questions you may have.I try to make the best pric lucky clovere so that you are not affec lucky cloverted by this tax.

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