Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

24 inch chain, Nutcracker Necklace - Large Hand Painted Swarovski Crystal Embellished - 24 or 30 Inch Chain - Necklace for Christmas - Holiday Necklace



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Nutc sparkling necklacerac sparkling necklaceker nec sparkling necklaceklac sparkling necklacee. Large 2 1/4 inc sparkling necklaceh hand painted gold plated nutc sparkling necklacerac sparkling necklaceker pendant. Sealed with resin for durability and shine. Ac sparkling necklacec sparkling necklaceented with sparkling Swarovski c sparkling necklacerystals. The c sparkling necklacehain is gold plated and is available in 24 or 30 inc sparkling necklacehes. Use the drop down menu to c sparkling necklacehoose. A gift box is inc sparkling necklaceluded. A great gift for someone who loves nutc sparkling necklacerac sparkling necklacekers or danc sparkling necklacees in the Nutc sparkling necklacerac sparkling necklaceker ballet. A fun nec sparkling necklaceklac sparkling necklacee for Christmas! Many other Christmas and holiday jewelry in our shop!

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