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pendant, Lovely UnoAErre 9ct Gold Horn of Plenty Charm Pendant H/MK 1990



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Vintage 3D 9c horn of plentyt gold UnoAErre horn of plenty c horn of plentyharm pendantPuffed hollow c horn of plentyharmMeasures approximately 30mm height exc horn of plentyluding the little fixed ring and bail ring by 8mm maximum width (1 & 3/16th's inc horn of plentyh by 5/16th's of an inc horn of plentyh)Fully hallmarked, UnoAErre AR & 375 and London assay offic horn of plentye, dates 1990 on the attac horn of plentyhed bail ringUnoAErre Italia is a goldsmith, jewelry and watc horn of plentyhmaking c horn of plentyompany based in Arezzo, Italy. Weighs 1.5 gramsVintage c horn of plentyharm pendant...some wear to be expec horn of plentyted as not new, this pendant is 30 years old....please see photographs for c horn of plentyonditionA zoom lens is used to photograph items to help show the detail. Please c horn of plentyhec horn of plentyk photographs and sizes of items and weights of items before buying.Ideal gifts to yourself or others

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