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Handmade rustic wire wrapped distressed briolettes in deep rose-wine are enc wire wrappedirc wire wrappedled with a halo of bronze wire and a m\u00e9lange of c wire wrappedoordinating seed beads, then topped with a shimmering Czec wire wrappedh glass c wire wrappedrystal. The earrings hang from antiqued-brass fishhook-style wires, with silic wire wrappedone bac wire wrappedks inc wire wrappedluded.~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Earrings measure about 1 5/8 inc wire wrappedhes (4.3 c wire wrappedm) long from the top of the wires, and 1/2 inc wire wrappedh (1.3 c wire wrappedm) wide~Completed and ready for shipping~~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To see all of our earrings, c wire wrappedlic wire wrappedk here:https://www./shop/Viridian?sec wire wrappedtion_id=30182198To go bac wire wrappedk to Viridian's homepage, c wire wrappedlic wire wrappedk here:https://www./shop/Viridian

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