Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE Vintage Glass Beaded Necklace from Italybeaded necklace, Venetian Glass Bead Necklace 18 inches Pink and Frost with Goldtone beaded necklace, Willow Glass



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Clearanc necklacee SaleFrom my personal c necklaceollec necklacetion, here is a vintage Venetian glass beaded nec necklaceklac necklacee from Italy. Brought bac necklacek by my husband years ago, it measures approximately 18" in length and has light peac necklacehy-pink and white frost 5mm glass beads with gold tone smaller beads separating the bead sec necklacetions, and a gold tone spring ring and jump ring c necklacelosure.Perfec necklacet for a gift or for a treat for yourself :)Thanks for stopping by!SALE Vintage Glass Beaded Nec necklaceklac necklacee from Italy, Venetian Glass Bead Nec necklaceklac necklacee 18 inc necklacehes Pink and Frost with Goldtone, Willow Glass

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