Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

holiday necklace, Snowflake Necklace - Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Embellished - Sparkling Holiday Necklace - 24 or 30 In - Christmas Jewelry - Gift for Her



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Snowflake nec long necklaceklac long necklacee. Silver plated starfish with faux pearl and Crystal AB Swarovski c long necklacerystals. The pendant measures approximately 2 inc long necklacehes in diameter. The c long necklacehain is silver plated. You have a c long necklacehoic long necklacee of 24 or 30 inc long necklaceh c long necklacehain. A gift box is inc long necklaceluded.A nic long necklacee sparkly nec long necklaceklac long necklacee for the holidays. Makes a great gift for her as well!

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