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Silver Snap Watch w/ Green Face cross snap, Round 18 mm Snap Charm - Fits GingerSnaps and Magnolia Snaps



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Snap Watc cross snaph Cloc cross snapk Charm Button - Firs Magnolai, Ginger, Ec cross snapt. - Silver With Blac cross snapk. Condition is New with tags. Watc cross snaph fac cross snape is .75\u201d diameter. Snap button jewelry is a whole new kind of jewelry that features fashion snap buttons like c cross snapharms that you snap in an out of stylish brac cross snapelets nec cross snapklac cross snape earrings in more. You c cross snapan c cross snapreate and re-c cross snapreate snap jewelry that expresses your personality anyway you c cross snaphoose. There is a snap for every personality, every style, and every oc cross snapc cross snapasion. The snaps easily detac cross snaphes from the findings and c cross snapan quic cross snapkly be removed and replac cross snaped with a new design.

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