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Genuine Turquoise and Silver Jewelry Connector and Claspdecorative clasp, Decorative Hook and Eyedecorative clasp, Artist-made Designer Bracelet Supply Link Component



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This turquoise stone set in handc designer suppliesrafted and silver hook and c designer supplieslasp setting is the perfec designer suppliest c designer suppliesomplement to your unique jewelry designs. Use with the inc designer suppliesluded hook, use your own c designer supplieslasp, or use it as a link in your design.Details:\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\u23ba\ud83e\udd8b Full c designer supplieslasp with hook measures 36mm end to end.\ud83e\udd8b Dec designer suppliesorative link measures 19mm x 25mm x 7mm thic designer suppliesk.\ud83e\udd8b Hand-fabric designer suppliesated sterling silver setting.\ud83e\udd8b The eye of the hook is soldered c designer supplieslosed so your stringing material will not slip out.Message me for c designer suppliesustom c designer supplieslasps for your designs.----Eac designer suppliesh c designer supplieslasp is hand-fabric designer suppliesated from sterling silver sheet and wire into unique designs that will give your piec designer supplieses a nic designer suppliese finished touc designer suppliesh. Perfec designer suppliest for the jewelry maker who wants an "all handmade" end produc designer suppliest, and doesn't want to rely on mass produc designer suppliesed, imported findings.These c designer supplieslasps are a nic designer suppliese size and c designer suppliesan also be used as a foc designer suppliesal piec designer suppliese in your jewelry c designer suppliesreations.

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