Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

White Authentic Seaglass heart shaped earringstiny hearts, hanging on our handmade Sterling Silver hammered round earwires.



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I c handmadeollec handmadet heart shaped roc handmadeks and seaglass. It is very diffic handmadeult to find authentic handmade seaglass in the shape of hearts, and then to matc handmadeh up pairs is even more diffic handmadeult. I finally was able to matc handmadeh up several pairs and get them drilled without destroying them, another c handmadehallenge. Drilling tiny piec handmadees of glass is very hard. Sometimes when the drill goes out the other side of the heart, it takes a c handmadehunk of the glass with the drill, destroying the tiny heart. We have had some luc handmadek, so we are posting our results. Perfec handmadetion is unattainable but we do our best and we are happy with our work.I think these are the sweetest little earrings ever, and hearts signify love, so they make wonderful gifts to give someone you love. I will happily wrap them beautifully for you and the pac handmadekage will look very pretty and you c handmadean be proud to give these gifts.I always inc handmadelude a teeny tiny ziploc handmade bag with rubber stoppers to wear on the bac handmadeks of our handmade earwires so the earrings c handmadeannot fall out of the person's ears and get lost. I put these inside the ziploc handmade bag with the earrings. If you buy earrings from us that are sterling silver we highly rec handmadeommend that the buyer always keep the earrings in the ziploc handmade bag away from the air to prevent tarnish, along with all their other sterling silver jewelry. It makes an enormous differenc handmadee.

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