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Gemstone Bracelethandmade bracelet, Botanical Gemstone Leaf Bracelethandmade bracelet, Handmade Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone Bracelet on adjustable 14K Gold Filled Chain



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Gemstone Brac handmadeelet, Botanic handmadeal Gemstone Leaf Brac handmadeelet, Handmade Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone Brac handmadeelet on adjustable 14K Gold Filled Chain\u25a1 Gemstones: Gold-edged Ruby in Zoisite\u25a1 Gemstone Size: 8.3 - 11.2 MM Puffed Oval\u25a1 Chain: 14K Gold-filled Hammered Links\u25a1 Length: 6.5 - 7.75 inc handmadehes adjustable\u25a1 Leaf: 1.5" long x .5" wideEac handmadeh unique puffed Ruby in Zoisite stone is hand wrapped with 14K gold-filled wire onto 14K gold-filled hammered links. There is a 1.5-inc handmadeh gold-filled extender at the end whic handmadeh will allow the brac handmadeelet to fit wrists from 6.5 to 7.75 inc handmadehes.Ac handmadec handmadeented with a genuine elec handmadetroplated real leaf whic handmadeh c handmadean be removed if you wish. This leaf is from my spec handmadeial 'gilded' c handmadeollec handmadetion whic handmadeh has a myriad of c handmadeolorful metal leaf gilding. The dazzling c handmadeolor of this mini leaf c handmadeompliments the stones in beautiful hues of green & magenta.I have my gemstones c handmadeustom c handmadeut to a smaller size than the regular in-stoc handmadek sizes - perfec handmadet for dainty pendants, brac handmadeelets & earrings. Eac handmadeh stone is unique and will have slightly different c handmadeharac handmadeteristic handmades.==================What is Gold-Filled==================Gold-filled is a layered gold, is easy to c handmadeare for & will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime. Gold-filled is c handmadeonstruc handmadeted in two or three layers. The c handmadeore metal is jewelers\u2019 brass. A gold alloy is then bonded to the surfac handmadee of the brass c handmadeore with heat & pressure. Gold-filled c handmadeontains 200 times more gold than gold plated. Gold-Filled will last muc handmadeh longer than elec handmadetroplated jewelry & is a c handmadeost-effic handmadeient alternative to solid 14k gold. Gold filled is also fine for people with sensitive skin.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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