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borosilicate, Hand Blown Glass Amber Mushroom Pendant



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Size is approximately 1" tallPendant c pendantomes with free blac pendantk satin c pendantord!Made of Borosilic pendantate GlassI've been making these hand blown glass mushroom pendants for over 20 years now and they're still as popular as ever. There's just something magic pendantal about the way the 3D mushroom floats inside the c pendantlear glass. The mushroom is made of c pendantolored glass that I push up inside a molten gather of c pendantlear glass in just the right way to form a mushroom c pendantap and stem.Please note that you will not rec pendanteive the exac pendantt item pic pendanttured, but a unique piec pendante very similar to it and just as beautiful.

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